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THC Athletes strives to bring athletes more than just the main stream options for performance, total wellness, and recovery. By bringing awareness to a more “Whole-istic” type of fitness, THC Athletes strives to help all types of athletes to elevate their game. Utilizing natural supplements, body work, and other often overlooked methods we are bringing more awareness to alternative ways for athletes to continue to push their bodies to the limits without sacrificing recovery. We are here to assist you in achieving your full potential by learning alternate ways to assist in reducing your inflammatory response, achieve pain relief, achieve more restful and productive sleep, learn alternate cooking methods, and stimulate muscle growth naturally.

THC Athletes was founded by Jason Washington, a business man, Certified Personal Trainer and licensed Primary Care Giver.

Born and raised in suburbs of Chicago, by way of Houston Tx, Jay has always had a passion for health and fitness, which is why he decided to study and receive his BS in Kinesiology from the University of Houston. After graduation he spent the next 17 years in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry.

During his 17 years, he was employed by some of the largest and most well-known pharmaceutical companies, like Glaxo-SmithKline and Schering to name a couple.

Throughout the years, Jay has focused research on pain management and other chronic diseases. His experience in chronic diseases range from depression/anxiety(PTSD), pain management, oncology, and neuromuscular disorders. Jay also helped manage and market a pain management pharmacy/facility in Los Angeles for 3 years running.

He has positioned himself as a Key Opinion Leader in the benefits of alternative training, pain management, and performance in the fitness industry.

His goal is to assist others in finding alternative methods for training, performance, pain management, and nutrition through sporting events, expos, and festivals.